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Red Pass

Rumo ao 38

Red Pass

Rumo ao 38

The aftermath of the Lisbon derby by 'Redpass' @ Planet Benfica

Os amigos benfiquistas residentes em Londres que dinamizam o excelente Planet Benfica resolveram traduzir um texto aqui publicado depois do derby. É a internacionalizaçao do RedPass. Fiquem a conhecer o trabalho do Planet Benfica.

Jardel's 94th minute goal against Sporting on Sunday 9th February at the Estádio José Alvalade still echoes in their nightmares. 

The shortlived 86th minute celebration, the 'olés', and their histerical/offensive banners have all but come back to haunt them in a way they fully deserve.

The exert below 'Learn to say Benfica' is translated in English from the well acclaimed Benfica blog Redpass, by JG on 12th February 2015.

"So, this will not stop anytime soon will it?

The derby has already come and gone, Benfica has returned to its reality which is to continue winning. The theme remains the same and Sporting have already cut ties with Benfica.

They want to close the Luz, complain to the League, go to the prosecutor, demand apologies, refer to Benfica as SLB in official statements and on the first page of the official newspaper of the club call as "Rats".

However, on the banners about Eusébio, on "Croatia", the tifo paintings, or the t-shirts as the daily paper Correio da Manhã showed yesterday that are the origins of these sad episodes, not a single word.

I have already stated this before that the banner we showed [at the Futsal game] was a shame for Benfica and hope it's not repeated.

But this act did not happen out of nowhere. This was taken to the extreme and it's an embarrassing episode for both sides, here and everywhere. Just look at what the Standard Liège fans did with a choreography showing Defour beheaded. 

Benfica should have officially criticised the display [at the futsal game], yes. But Sporting has no moral to demand any apology whatsoever.

If we are to go down that route I am still waiting for apologies from Sporting for their shameful lack of respect when they failed to oberseve a minute's silence in the memory of Eusébio, be it him, or Bento, or Coluna, for them it's all the same singing and jumping when they should have showed some respect.

Take this opportunity to remember that in this respect we never needed any lessons, just recall how that one minute silence was lived at the Luz when Damas died. Even Porto fans managed to control themselves for Eusébio's passing. These are facts that I have never heard an apology for.

I also couldn't understand how you manage to write something about Eusébio without mentioning the word Benfica, which leads me to remember the way the tannoy screams the results of the derby or how the official Sporting paper confuses an eagle with a mouse.

Sporting has been this way since John Rocha left the direction of the club. Sporting made Porto their allies in order to "end" Benfica, that is published in the press and said by Sporting themselves! They didn't care about finishing in second place behind them, as long as they stayed ahead of us. And this was not so long ago. Do you really think that their choreography bothered us? Hypocrites!

The Sporting that wanted us "finished" now returns this season and want us to relegate about some deals with Belenenses. Relegated, gentlemen!

They want us to play behind closed doors because our supporters misbehaved in the derby. But they want their stadium full for everyone to see how dignified they are at throwing flares at our goalkeeper. Amazing.

Sporting doesn't like the away sector that we have at the Luz and wouldn't stop wining about it in the first year, but at the Dragão stadium in Porto they quietly go straight to their seats. Didn't even open their mouths. And amazingly they are now demanding a similar "cage" for the away fans in their own stadium. They are always thinking ahead in this aspect, criticise first then emulate.

They only want to see our stadium closed due to jealousy. Yes it's not as mithical as the old one however we are very proud of it, and last May it was the center of the world when we received the Madrid Champions League final.
You look at the new Alvalade stadium and you can't understand what they were thinking when they approved such aborration when you look at the history of the club. They forgot to build the sports halls, playing their other sports throughout the country, had to paint the stadium not so long ago because they got tired of the yellow, multicolour chairs, and only after seeing the dressing room of their rivals they remembered to decorate theirs. A pitch that is always in a miserable state, and show the world that trench they have around it where their fans keep falling off. 

This is the reality of Sporting that cuts relations with their rivals, with the league, with the fans who criticise, with players that leave, with the manager, ultimately the world.

Passing the days wishing Benfica relegates or is punished in some way won't solve any of their problems. It can be fun and interesting for the press but the gap and achievements between us won't decrease.

They had a chance to win their second derby in these last few years and started celebrating before the whistle. They also had the chance to come to the Luz and dispute a semi-final in the LEague Cup but decided to conceed against a 10 men Vitória de Setúbal side... what do you want after all? Decree the end of Benfica for you to be happy?

Worry about yourselves. Learn to say 'Benfica' instead of mouse, or visitor, or SLB, and enough of this circus. Until the next derby, because that could have been the one, our farewall will always end with an 'Olé'. Your fault."