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Do Aeroporto de Liverpool Para o Estádio da Luz

Espectacular a iniciativa do aeroporto de Liverpool a desafiar os seus clientes a descobrirem os mais emblemáticos estádios da Europa. Foram escolhidos cinco e o nosso estádio da Luz está entre os sugeridos. Um programa só possível num universo de adeptos que adoram bola, ver a nossa Catedral ali destacada é um motivo de orgulho. A iniciativa é motivo de inveja. Só para quem ama verdadeiramente o futebol:


Football Stadiums Infographic

Every football fan knows that seeing a full capacity crowd roar after a scorcher of a goal hits the back of the net is one of the best experiences ever. Seeing that happen when you’ve made the trek across Europe to support your team makes the experience (and the win) even sweeter.

The must-see stadiums in Europe haven’t necessarily grabbed the attention and love of fans simply due to the architecture. It’s the history behind the teams, the traditions and the fans that create the atmosphere that makes people from all corners of the globe make the pilgrimage to watch a game.

Whether you’re a die-hard football enthusiast or a casual fan, these are 5 of the most famous stadiums in the world that you really have to see before you die.

Click the image below to see our full football stadiums infographic :


Liverpool John Lennon Airport is the ideal starting point for a footballing city break. You can get to all these great stadiums and many, many more flying direct from Liverpool.

The city itself is a steeped in football history, so if you’re traveling from Europe to the UK, why not start your football pilgrimage with a trip to Anfield or Goodison Park? We have many flights leaving on a daily basis to over 60 destinations in Europe, visit today and book your dream football trip.