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Rumo ao 38

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Rumo ao 38

JJ, Por Mim 0-1 Chega!

«É verdade que em todas as Ligas europeias, só o Liverpool tem mais golos marcados que o Benfica. Amanhã [quinta-feira], seria bom sinal se o AEK nos desse a possibilidade de fazer vários golos. Mas não acredito. Prevejo um jogo equilibrado e difícil para o Benfica»
Jorge Jesus

Messi Deixa o Nosso Aimar Envergonhado

O melhor jogador do mundo, Lionel Messi, afirmou que adora ver Pablo Aimar a jogar. O elogio deixou Pablito corado como se pode ler no :

After Lionel Messi admitted that he loved watching Pablo Aimar play, the Benfica man was grateful for the Barcelona wizard's kind words.

"I blushed [when I heard Messi's words]," Aimar told Portuguese daily newspaper Record.

"I have words of gratitude for what he says about me because, at the end of the day, he is the best in the world."

Aimar has recently been called up to the Argentina squad after a two year absence, and is delighted to have the opportunity to play for the Albicelestes again.

"To be in the national team is a huge challenge, particularly because this is a difficult time. [But] I am sure that we will be at the World Cup."

Diego Maradona's side are preparing to face Peru and Uruguay, after which they will discover whether or not they have done enough to earn a spot at next year's World Cup in South Africa.

Anthony Wright,