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Red Pass

Rumo ao 38

Red Pass

Rumo ao 38

O Respeito de Rafa pelo Benfica na

"We know they are a good team and of course we have played them before in the Champions League.
They are a massive club with a lot of support from their fans and it will be a tough game."

"They are top of the table and playing really well at the moment. I know a number of their players well - Aimar, Saviola, Garcia - so we know they have a lot of quality.

"It's always important that the second leg is at home in front of our fans. We know we have to perform away and then play well at home. We have the confidence to do that and are looking forward to the games.

"Because we have played Benfica before they will know Anfield and so may not be as scared as other teams, but we have to do things properly and try to go through."

The Reds will face either Rafa's former club Valencia or Fernando Torres' former club Atletico Madrid if they progress to the semis - but for now the boss isn't looking that far ahead.

"You know my idea is always to take one game at a time," he added. "We are only thinking about Benfica at the moment. They are on a good run so it will be difficult."

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